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Dang it!

Ever do something stupid in your shop?

I have a molding plane set that I purchased from Time Warp Tool Works a while back. The
photo 1 (12) rabbet plane chattered quite a bit when I first tried it out, and the reason was that the blade didn’t bed properly. The blade tang was probably bent when I was trying to remove it the first time I went to sharpen it – I can only guess it was because I tapped it too hard when I was trying to drive it in to loosen the wedge.


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Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at Exotic Lumber

This past Friday I had the luxury of being able to take some time off from work and attend the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Frederick Maryland. Hosted by Exotic Lumber, the floor was cleared out to make room for several Hand tool makers, in addition to the hands on setups for LN tools. I’ve attended the LN Hand Tool events in the past, and they’re always a bla$t.


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Table Saw clean-up/fix-up

201404 Table Saw cleanup 1The table saw in my shop is a General International 50-075L185M1 (No, it’s not a saw stop, but that is on my radar now that I have grandkids starting to play in the shop with me). It’s a contractor style that I’ve built into a cabinet with a router table. Unfortunately, the base peice is a sheet of 3/4″ MDF braced with 2×4’s – which has started to delaminate after 6 years. This clean-up may result in a bigger project 🙂

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“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”
Will Rogers