Knock Down Nicholson Workbench – assembly

photo 1 (28)The McMaster-Carr connectors that I ordered late last week arrived yesterday, so I was able to get much further in bench assembly than I thought I was. I glued the 1×10’s to the aprons, after setting them in place on the upside down top of the bench. Using the 1×10’s as a guide, I set the legs up tight against the apron, and was able to mark and secure the legs to the aprons using the connectors.

I cut the stretchers and set them in the legs, cut a photo 2 (31)cross piece for the top of the leg then laminated two 1×12’s for the top stretcher of the legs. (Yep, I mis-measured the amount of 2×12 I was going to need, and ended up using a 1x12x6′ plank I had on hand to make up the difference). After both stretchers were glued and screwed in place, I cut a final piece of 1×12 for the end of each apron, to capture the leg assembly. These were glued and screwed (temporary screw clamps again <grin>) and the whole things was set aside to dry.

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