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Roy’s Tallow Box

I have wanted to build the tallow box that Roy Underhill demonstrated in his show. You remember the little box with the dovetail key, and two part lid that slid out and then slid back to release it? The tallow I had was in a little green tin, but it looked out of place in my toolkit. I wanted something that fit in better so I used a small block of cherry sap wood for the box, and a leftover piece of ebony for the key. I resawed the lid (twice) with the top top undercut where it comes together in the closed position. The body cavity was hogged out with a spoon bit (I got it cause I saw Roy use it and loved the flexibility it provides). The tallow came from amazon and turns out just fills the body cavity I made.

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More tweaks for Pen Decorator

CNC Pen Lathe v2The next set of tweaks is done on the drawing, we’re going to try to get the new carriage assembly set up and cut out in the next couple weeks, and this time around – we’re planning to mount a Dremmel with a grinding burr as part of the test. (Prior to that I have to make up some blanks with paper taped on, and create a marker holder that can be mounted to test some of the pattern logic out. I’ve uploaded this plan to the 3D Warehouse for those that are interested.

Pen Decorator – Reworking the Drive strategy #2

IMG_2383I modified the original carriage to accept the timing belt approach. To do this I had to rotate the drive motor 90 degrees and mount a timing pulley on the shaft. The belt needs to thread through the carriage sides, and since it forms a loop, there are two holes on each side. The belt needs to be attached to the drill platform and loops over the timing pulley on the drive motor. The other end needs to wrap around a free turning idler bearing (or a very smooth/no-friction surface). Read more…

Loudoun County Maker Fair

Woodcraft setup at the Maker Fair

Woodcraft setup at the Loudoun County Maker Fair

I had the chance to attend the maker fair at the Loudoun County fairgrounds this past weekend, as a representative of Leesburg Woodcraft. I met a bunch of like minded folks (folks that like to build things). My role was to make sure that people in the maker community knew that there was a place they could go, locally, to get hands on with the tools and supplies they need – but more than that, we talked about ways to act more inclusively with makers in general. It was a great opportunity to meet folks, and I think that I’m going to get more out of this, than I can possibly offer in support :). Check out the kickstarter page for more information on what happened, and throw a bit of love their way!

I elected to not take any electrical implements, rather I focused on the hand tools. Many of the home-made tools (thanks to the Hand Tool School membership) were on display along with the recently completed knock down nicholson (which had a lot of admirers). And of course my Dutch tool chest was on display as well – that thing has already got a ton of miles on it. … i’m going to have to build the rolling base for it – the extra storage will hold more of the bench appliances, and I want big rubber tires to help roll it over the ground – it seems I use it more outdoors than in shop spaces these days.

Pen Decorator – Reworking the Drive Strategy

After trying a number of different solutions to speed up the stepper that is used on the drive screw:

  • changing the mode from SINGLE to DOUBLE
  • experimenting with the speed settings
  • trying a different motor drive board version

I’ve come to the conclusion that the the current 20 tpi 1/4″ drive rod approach isn’t going to be fast enough 😦 . So I’ve ordered a timing gear and a timing belt – these have little teeth on them … read more