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Shop Zen

This week I worked on a cabinet my IMG_2561daughter asked for – it’s just basic pine from the home store. I glued up a couple panels to make the carcass and was cleaning up the glue line with a scraper and smoother.

snick – shhhhhhhhhh

snick – shhhhhhhhhh

Nice long ribbons of shavings came out, the surface seemed to pick up more depth. And I found that at the end of each pass, I would clear the shavings with my left hand, and unconciously run my palm over the section I had just planed, while moving back to the start position. I had intended only clean up the glue line – but I was in the zone…

When I was done, I had dressed both sides of the two panels that I was going to make the carcass from. I was tired and sweaty, but felt satisfied – calm, relaxed, and satisfied. There’s just something about working on a project, when both the material and I are in sync.

New in the shop – half-back saw

BonyzHalfBackSawAnother saw from Ron Bontz showed up this past week – and it’s a useful little thing. The half back saw has a short back at the top of the plate. Filed for cross-cut, it seems to excel as a go to saw at the bench. It’s on the rack right behind me at the bench or in a slot on the bench most of the time.

When it first arrived, packed as shown above, the teeth were very very sharp, and I noticed that I had to be careful to to not flex the plate when the teeth caught. Holding it like a baby bird, using full strokes and remembering NOT to push it into the wood, the saw is re-enforcing some basics. As with all the saws I’ve gotten from Ron, the handle fits my hand really really well. After a week of frequent use and a bit of set adjustment (I messed around with it when I found a burr that I thought was responsible for the catching) it’s spot on for me now.

I’m blaming this one entirely on Shannon Rogers, as I want to build the tool tote, and this is the saw that seems to be perfect for that use. Look for that project in a later post!

Shop Quickies 2 – scraper rack

IMG_2556Another holder I needed to updateIMG_2555 was the scraper holder that sat on the shelf I removed. The original holder was a hunk of 2×4 that was kerfed on the table saw, and attached to a base plate. This worked well (and took up very little space), but wouldn’t work on the wall as well. (Or maybe it would, I may revist that later 🙂 ).

I used a short piece of 1×2 stock, and marked cross lines every 1/2″ along most of the length. Then I set a bevel angle on the side, and kerfed it by hand. That was it! I screwed it to the wall, and I’m ready to go.


Shop Quickies 1 – mallet holder

Since I moved a shelf in my shop IMG_2560I have to find new homes for stuff that used to sit on it. One of the tools I have at hand is a mallet from Shenandoah tool works. This mallet has a double grip (triple actually, I hold the head for fine work) and needed a forked holder. I used a simple technique to do this one.

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