New in the Shop

IMG_2765Today a recent win on eBay arrived in the mail. A Union No. 60 scraper plane that had been cleaned-up and put up for sale. The plane is good working order, the sole was flat, and the threads are all working on the angle adjustment and handle mounts. The wooden handle is in great shape. The plane blade isn’t flat, but I was able to grind it to 45 degrees, and get the back flattened wide enough to be very usable. After setting a burr in place (I used the shaft of a screw driver to draw it out), I’m pulling some nice shavings. And the finish is as reflective as a mirror!


Grinding the bevel


Flattening the blade back

Flattening the blade back

Setting a burr

Setting a burr – it’s there, look closely


Shavings galore!

Shavings galore!


A mirror like finish.

A mirror like finish.

4 thoughts on “New in the Shop

    1. Chuck

      what size iron does this take? i just bought one on ebay but it is sans blade. I’m not gonna be able to fair out the wife’s butcher block where she rolls out pie crusts without the iron. thanks in advance for the help.

      1. bkbiggs Post author

        The blade measures out to 2 7/8″ x 4 5/8″ in this unit. The length can be longer of course 😉 I didn’t measure the thickness, but would guess it’s on the order of a 1/16″ or so. Let me know if more info is needed!

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