The Shop … recovery from the holidays

I have another project to get done, SpringCleaninga mantle for my niece, that I’ve waited to get started until I could get back into the shop. However, when I went down I was shop-blocked by the shop — it’s just full of stuff from the other projects, lots of cut-offs (which I finally started weeding out!) and I’ve got boxes and buckets of stuff that has been acquired over the past couple years that need gone through. And finally, I’ve been collecting stuff for the past decade(s) and haven’t really gone through and weeded out.

Well, enough is enough. I’m getting psyched up to get in the shop with two primary goals in mind:

1. Weed out the stuff that i’ve not touched or thought of for the past 5 years. You’ll start to see that stuff showing up on e-Bay <smile>. And no, not all of it’s woodworking equipment.

2. reorganize the slimmed down shop to allow for the inclusion of an assembly table.

I put together a shop tour video, that I hope you can see here. I have a mono-tone narration (which is why I don’t do a lot of video’s) so I’ll apologize in advance for that. I will be posting updates on the shop cleanup and organization on the blog.

shop tour jan 2015 from Brian biggs on Vimeo.

Spring cleaning comes early!

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