Monthly Archives: April 2015

Slow but sure…

IMG_3151The boards for the replacement door for my office have been out in the garage, in a drying pile, for the past couple years, so they are ready. However, in the garage are all the other things that show up for two (ok, two plus) years, and that all had to be gone through and moved and reorganized and… you get the idea. Once I got the pile exposed, I also realized that the cherry I am using was about 9 rows down, below the 8/4 walnut I also had acquired, but is not yet dry. And as a result I had to recruit some assistance from my wife and daughter. Thank goodness they are patient with me!

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Wow – spring is happening!

Got caught off line for a bit – and have some items around the house that I’ve finally decided that I need to update – in addition to my fun stuff. The first item is to replace the office doors to my office at home. Since I moved in, I always planned to do something, but I also found ways to put it off. This past winter the doors apparently have given up, and since they were basically nothing more than quick door implementations I really don’t have a good way to simply repair them.

IMG_3095 IMG_3096

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