Wow – spring is happening!

Got caught off line for a bit – and have some items around the house that I’ve finally decided that I need to update – in addition to my fun stuff. The first item is to replace the office doors to my office at home. Since I moved in, I always planned to do something, but I also found ways to put it off. This past winter the doors apparently have given up, and since they were basically nothing more than quick door implementations I really don’t have a good way to simply repair them.

IMG_3095 IMG_3096

The two photo’s here show the top of the door pieces splitting. Since the door latches at the top, this is physically where the pressure on the door is when they are opened or closed. And the picture of the knobs shows that they are really just a handle to apply open/close pressure to the door. Nothing physical there to be an issue (at this time). I am starting this by planning to simply reuse the existing hardware, but I may convince myself to actually put a physical hook at the top of the left door, and put a real knob and latch… but time will tell <grin>.

IMG_3099 IMG_3100


The big change to the doors is that instead of solid doors, I plan to make the office doors paneled at the bottom, but glass at the top. I do not need to have the doors completely blank out my office, and prefer to be able to see out of the office even when the doors are closed, to avoid surprises!

office door

3 thoughts on “Wow – spring is happening!

    1. bkbiggs Post author

      based on what I saw, I think if you plan on desiging and growing the door, you only need to start the project about 10 years before you are born, in order for it to be the right size and age when you are ready to use it 🙂


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