School opens soon.

I’veIMG_3327 two daughters(*) that are working hard to make sure kids have a good learning experience. And because I support them however they’ll let me, I do get some school related things to do. In previous years I took some 4×8′ sheets of hardboard with a white finish and cut them down into 10×8″ squares. These squares then had each edge gently sanded to make sure they were completely smooth. The students were kindergarteners, and the little boards became sketch pads for school. We make more than there are kids in class, and we refreshed them as needed.

This year the change has been to supply a new book case (I did a regular book case that sat under the blackboard years back). The new book case is less of a standard, and more a display. This time at about 30″x32″, there are five cross poles inserted from the front to the back, raising about 3-5″ with each row. On the poles a canvas strip with 5 loops sewn into it (Thanks to my wife!) are mounted an allow books to be sat upright with the front facing out. That’s something that apparently makes more books be on display, and both easy to get to and return.

And with my 2nd daughter (her grad picture was earlier in the blog!) I got asked to provide the lap boards again, but this time with an 18″x18″ size. I used blackboard from Home Depot this time, as the students for her are 7th graders in math and science. I think the size is too big, but she’s only looking for 4 to 6 of them and we’ll experiment to see if the size works. Also, if the boards are to hold paper, the blackboard side will work well for doing so. If they want to write directly on the boards, we may switch back to the whiteboard material for erasable markers once more.

I also have to find out if the larger board will require a frame construction to prevent the board from breaking easily – but not making it a problem if used to “bump” someone. ah… what school needs today….


(*) I have 3 daughters – the 2nd daughter is the first teaching daughter. The 2nd teaching daughter is the 3rd daughter. The 2nd daughter got confused when I didn’t talk about the 1st daughter, and I realized that I didn’t mention the 1st daughter. I hate to confuse them, because I love all three, but they have to be used to my confusing statements after all these years as well!

Heather, Nina, Briana – You’re My Best!


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