Pen Making (abuse)

There are two cool basic IMG_3727 models of pens that have the sensor tips for use on tablets/phones that I really like. I thought at first from the catalog shots that one version was better for males and one for females. Since I have had such a strong correct feeling all my life I was pretty sure I was wrong again – and was proved so by the folks that were receiving the pens. So, I make both types available and let receivers choose. I had backordered about 30 pens so I set down to do them in sets of 10 – however, I ended up ordering 40, and did a set of 10, a set of 15 and a set of 15. More or less. I distributed pens during the creation, but used the time to focus on prep and finish to optimize my production. And like the sex choice – optimize is not the right word here. I spent more time playing with different cutting styles, different touchup styles and different assembly processes than I had time for – so I’m late writing for the blog, and just now finishing up the set of 40 pens.

(Ok, I was done a week ago, but got into a release at work, so I was a bit behind.)

2 thoughts on “Pen Making (abuse)

  1. bkbiggs Post author

    Oh, I meant to mention that I use CA glue for finish on these pens. As a result, while I use the end trimmer to square the body (and tube) prior to turning I also use it when I finish with the CA finish to trim the edges of the end to ensure they fit into the rest of the pen parts!


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