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Yep, tuning continues

Update in the Optune section…

UntitledI ran with mine on the “recharge” batteries for the past week+. The one thing I have to remember to do is repeatedly turn on the charger. The little battery in the monitor charges, and that tells the external recharger to stop charging. I found a little charger battery… [read here]

Optune “add on”

Parts.jpgOk, I’ve found another change that I’m including in this BIM thing. In addition to the sound being issued, I’m going to put in a parallel yellow LED to be flashed as well. Then I should be able to reinforce the condition when the optune TTF field generation isn’t able to run. And I got to demo the device on the Adafruit show and tell episode last night. Check’em out at Optune “add on” (the page)

Now just tuning…

  The little battery kept a charge almost all night long. I had turned off the “Brian’s Idiot Monitor” (like that name?) and just let the battery hooked to the charger board. The external battery charger i disconnected and plugged into the wall to reload.

Today i noticed that when i was outside in sunshiny weather, if i had the bag in yhe sun and the ttf still off, it didnt detect it. Just shading it a bit brought the BIM beep back on – so i plan to monitor the values frim the sensor to see if i can tune it better. We shall see!

Tommorow I’m teaching a chip carving class, so i may not get to play with this again until later. I can try to build a wood container to hold this device, if my student(s) make good progress. I can carve the case to personalize it while on my duke checkpoint early next week.

Although, I’m programming arduino from raspberry pi so i can take the little set with me to duke university’s check point… Hmmmm 

Yep, my Optune is on, almost complete

Well, I reduced the size of theIMG_4362 unit over all. Then because the 9V lasts about 3/4 a day, I put on a remote power supply. You can see the RavPower supply as the primary power box (it also plugs into the wall and charges while it keeps running. And inside the “tube” where I tried to fit the kit is a small lithium battery to keep the unit running when the I replace the external power. The red button on the top of the tube is the on off switch for the detector. And of course, it doesn’t all fit into the plastic tube for the pen kits I had, so I’ll have to work up something else in that regard. However, I think the power supply may be sufficient to carry on for a bit. We’ll see… meanwhile the video is here.

Just FYI… Is my Optune Device “on”?

So this isn’t a woodworking item, but it’s back in the electrical stuff. Yep, I still am being IMG_4347monitored for GBM4, although so far nothing has shown back up. I have now been on Optune for nearly 3 months. I’m trying to keep things on and running all the time but have had a couple of setbacks. When my device is turned on with power cord or battery, it boots up, then settles into a “ready to go” mode with a single beep. Sometimes I forget to hit the “GO” button (or hit it just  a bit too soon) and don’t actually turn on the treatment. So to accommodate this, I’m trying to build a little device that runs independently of the Optune, but just pays attention to the “GO” status. A rough video showing this behavior is here.


The two “computer” parts are the arduino microprocessor board and a color sensing reader. I put some code together to read the sensor, and detect when the blue lights dropped below what I considered to be “on”. I’ve added a little piezo electric buzzer to make a sound when the blue lights seem to be off (in other words – an alarm that says CHECK IF I’M ALL THE WAY ON BEFORE YOU GO!) And as you can see, I’m migrating the build from the large stuff, to a smaller rendition, so it’s lighter, the battery lasts longer, and I can incase it in a pen tube from the shop to protect it.