Halloween is coming…

Yimg_8359es, I’m still around, just haven’t been doing updates here. Hopefully I will get restarted. In the mean time, I’ve been prepping some stuff for the holiday decorations around the house. This first setup is a combo of projects that are available from Steve Good at www.stevedgood.com/catalog/index.php definitely worth looking at. I took the primary and merged it with his candle lit pumpkins project to get this setup in place!

Using the pattern to layout the parts and scroll sawing them out, I used acrylic paint diluted in water to paint most of the stuff. The raven and pumpkin are spray painted – and on the back of the pumpkin I used a scrap piece of the avery 8665 material I use for a lot of pattern transfers. the “RIP” letters are glued on the gravestone, and leaving a clear piece on the back dilutes the flashing light from the battery “tea time candles” I get online – making it look like a real candle light. I put a 3×5″ block in front of the gravestone with a piece of green felt; I sat the pumpkin and lamp on the left, and stood up the hand on the right.

Check out the scrollsawworkshop.blogspot.com site folks – it’s full of great stuff there!

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