I’ve got a few hobbies, most recently they’ve included ham radio (a decade ago), photography, electronics tinkering and woodworking. I currently am employed by Amdocs as a systems integration architect, and I’ve been doing that type of work for almost 20 years. I started in programming, because I liked that I could build things from scratch. As I advanced, I found that I could do less and less of the hands on work (I was expected to lead, not do 😦 ) – and as a result, I started to satisfy that need with hobbies. I’ve spent the last 10 years getting back into the woodwork side of life – and for the past 5 years that’s included part time instruction at the Leesburg VA Woodcraft store where I teach a variety of classes. If your in the area, I’m generally there on Saturdays – stop in a say Hi!


This is my grand daughter Maggie – helping out in the shop.

The Apprentice

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