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Router Cabinet Drawers are in

photo 2 (30)I finished up the drawers this past weekend. The cabinet has just a few items left (cover for the router bay, decisions about the center drawer slots… but the unit is back in service! (read this weeks update here)

Nice to get the shop back into working order. In addition the old cabinet was disassembled for scrap, and I’m reusing some of the hardware in other projects now.

Finished the Bathroom Cabinet

I got the cabinet hung this week, and am taking a short break. Bathroom Cabinet I’ll probably spend some time just cleaning up, I need to do a deep cleaning in there. The stationary equipment all needs a deep clean and tune ups. I have a pile of off cuts from the last two projects that I need to root through and figure out what I keep and what I get rid of. I hate that part, because each time I go through the get rid of pile, I think of something else that piece might be good for. Even when I’m finally at the burn barrel, there are hunks that still call out to me…