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Ever do something stupid in the shop?

I’m doing some milk paint Finishes this year, since it’s all the rage. The top coat is going to be acrylic and I did the final sanding, vacuumed it off, and started the application.

 You know hoe they tell you to pour a small amount into a separate container to apply?

Well *I* have never followed directions! I know what the heck I’m doing. It’s just paint for crying out loud, anybody can do it, and it just goes on so…. What’s that strange shadow growing in the finish? Wait, it’s the same color as the cabinet… 



Loudoun County Maker Fair

Woodcraft setup at the Maker Fair

Woodcraft setup at the Loudoun County Maker Fair

I had the chance to attend the maker fair at the Loudoun County fairgrounds this past weekend, as a representative of Leesburg Woodcraft. I met a bunch of like minded folks (folks that like to build things). My role was to make sure that people in the maker community knew that there was a place they could go, locally, to get hands on with the tools and supplies they need – but more than that, we talked about ways to act more inclusively with makers in general. It was a great opportunity to meet folks, and I think that I’m going to get more out of this, than I can possibly offer in support :). Check out the kickstarter page for more information on what happened, and throw a bit of love their way!

I elected to not take any electrical implements, rather I focused on the hand tools. Many of the home-made tools (thanks to the Hand Tool School membership) were on display along with the recently completed knock down nicholson (which had a lot of admirers). And of course my Dutch tool chest was on display as well – that thing has already got a ton of miles on it. … i’m going to have to build the rolling base for it – the extra storage will hold more of the bench appliances, and I want big rubber tires to help roll it over the ground – it seems I use it more outdoors than in shop spaces these days.

5/4 Pine stock – at Home Depot?

So I ‘m at Home Depot earlier this week, to pick up the 1×5’s I use to create the lattice under the router cabinet base. I get frustrated at the lumber racks when people move stuff around, but don’t put it back. I reached into the 1×5 rack to start moving the 1×4’s out of the way, and the first thing I notice is these critters are THICK! what the heck!?!?! it’s not as thick as a two-by, but it’s nearly that thick. And it’s not construction lumber – holy smokes… When did Home Depot start selling their premium pine lumber in 5/4″ thickness?

I have to rethink a couple of projects for the classes now – I’ve used 3/4 pre-processed stock in classes because it works well for the dovetail router jigs. However, I’ve also used it in projects that would have benefited from heavier stock. Now I have another option.