Hand Tool Woodshop

Join the Hand Tool Revolution at Woodcraft-Leesburg!


Tired of all the noise, the dust, the space needed for power tools? Like to build things with your own hands? Appreciate the precision achievable with hand tools? Then The Hand Tool Woodshop classes are for you!

In these classes, you’ll learn and practice new skills while building tools you’ll use in other classes in the series and in your own hand tool woodshop.

Among the classes are these:

Intro to Hand Tool Woodworking—Try the hand tools needed for each class
and in your own hand tool woodshop.

  • Sizing and Fitting 1—Flatten and join a board so it’s square on six sides and cut rabbets with a chisel.
  • Basic Joinery 1—Resaw a board with a hand saw and attach a cleat with pegs.
  • Basic Joinery 2—Crosscut and rip saw boards, chisel half-lap joints, and fasten joints with hand-riven pegs.

Each class will build on skills learned in earlier classes and send you home with a shop –
built tool to use in furniture-building project classes that will be offered in the future.

Norman Reid and Jeff Fleischer from Shenandoah Toolworks and I are teaching these classes. Norm has been teaching the hand plane classes for several years, and for the past couple years I’ve been teaching the hand cut dove tail classes. We had a number of people asking about including a number of new hand tool oriented classes, and this past year we decided on a new set of classes to begin with.

The Hand Tool Woodshop Class Descriptions

The Hand Tool Woodshop Flyer & Tools List

The Hand Tool Woodshop Class Sequences

CLS550 – HTW Introduction

CLS55X – HTW Sizing and Fitting – Bench Hook

CLS55X – HTW Sizing and Fitting – Plane Stop (sketchup)

CLS555 – HTW Sizing and Fitting – Winding Sticks

Feel free to reach out to me about our classes – just enter your questions below!

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