Yep, tuning continues

UntitledI ran with mine on the “recharge” batteries for the past week+. The one thing I have to remember to do is repeatedly turn on the charger. The little battery in the monitor charges, and that tells the external recharger to stop charging. I found a little charger battery my wife had from work, and it just runs as the charge until it’s out. If I figure out how I can monitor the battery boost and tell when the main battery is out, I can run a different signal to the alert to let me know it’s time to recharge the external battery – and since the internal battery may run for a couple hours, I could disconnect and charge it. I can also – yep – layer it on to the recharger externals. I turn them on, and they fully recharge the external. Apparently I love layers.

At anyrate. I changed my carrying around unit to the newer “beep-beep” and added a green light when it was beeping to tell me I hadn’t turned everything fully back on. We’ll see how this goes for the next week.