Router Cabinet Rebuild – decisions, decisions…

As with all good plans, I am already changing mine. I had planned on using the track saw to cut all the pieces to size, but after (over?)thinking it through have changed to the following approach:

– cut base board to size

– fix the old frame (the delaminated end also had a piece of the frame cracked)

– attach new baseboard to frame

– attach wheels to the frame

– reinstall saw cabinet

– reinstall saw and the saw rails

– take measurements for final router cabinet base size

– update plans if needed

I’m whimping out on using the track saw to cut the panels to size for the cabinet – since I’ve not set up a table to set for repeated cuts, the next best thing is to drop back and use the table saw and fence to get those repeated cuts. I won’t have the router cabinet for the side table – so I will have to rig up something to support the longer parts for the first cut. 

And I may choose to go ahead and try making the first cuts with the track saw to see how well I can set up repeatable cuts using just measurements and the track. 

I mean, how hard can it be? I did get the track saw because I wanted to be able to do stuff like this, and if I can come up with a method to cut panels to exactly the right size, using just measurements and the track  – it should work out ok. The plywood was not cheap at about $60 per sheet, but it is something that I am thinking may be worth the cost of the experiment.

Ok, I think I’ve talked myself back in to the original approach.


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