Projects in Progress

Pen Decorator

Pen Decorator


Ok, I admit it. I don’t just do woodwork. I also like playing with photography, and have a ham radio license (KC8MNS). It’s the latter that got me in trouble – because coupled with my professional background as a software systems architect (computer programmer) and the love of building stuff, even with electronics, I was ripe for the picking…

Dedicated Sharpening Bench

A dedicated sharpening station. A place for the tormek, the granite plate and the saw vise. All the sharpening gear and all the metal shavings in one place! What’s not on the plan is a set of lifting casters I plan to attach to the base to allow the bench to roll around the workshop so it’s near where I’m working.


sharpening station 2


It’s based on images I found on – 

My sketchup model can be found here.

The excellent model of the Tormek T-7 is from Peter Gee in the 3dWarehouse – it can be found here.

Router Cabinet Rebuild

A rebuild plan for the router cabinet that makes up the tablesaw unit I have rolling around my shop. The original plan has single bottom shelf, and a baffled section for the router. The dust collection in the baffle section never worked well, and I really wanted to take advantage of the space more efficiently. Here’s the plan – in progress 🙂



The Sketchup model for this build is located here

3 thoughts on “Projects in Progress

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  2. Peter Gee

    It would be polite to thank the originators of your “drawing”. Or did you also create the Tormek you use in your “drawing”?

    1. bkbiggs Post author

      Your right! I just assumed that the credits in the drawing would cover it. I’ve added the explicit thanks, and a pointer directly to your warehouse model. Thanks again for contributing that drawing to the warehouse – it makes everyone’s life so much easier when we share like this.


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