Pen Decorator – Reworked – aka. v2

The following was on the punch list to update:

  • cut slot for pivot piece (cantilever) + add clamp
  • add recess for linear bearing to bottom of cantilever
  • add round piece to loading port of mandrel
  • center hole for both mandrel location pieces
  • single pivot for the mandrel (up and back?)
  • provision more space on platform for bigger servo
  • space servo arm/fork on aluminum rod so that the platform is horizontal when the drive in action with cutting head
  • move mandrel coupler/motor onto the carriage housing physically (remove the motor mount)
  • add four holes for the screws and recess for the motor nose
  • move belt to be directly in line with the linear bearing

That has resulted in the following model (I used the Nema 17 motor model from the 3dWarehouse by pikachu):

CNC Pen Lathe v2

1 thought on “Pen Decorator – Reworked – aka. v2

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