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Servo upgrade and replace

IMG_3007IMG_3005Ok, we tried using a new servo to handle raising and lowering the carriange platform. The original  one didn’t have the strength to suspend the drill when it wasn’t being raised, and that made it occasionally just drop. I ordered a stronger servo

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WFC 2014 Project completed

IMG_2607Completed! the colors are all general finishes premixed milkpaint – Klien Blue, Emerald, Holiday Red, and SunGlow. I wanted the brightest colors I could find. Chalkboards were used front and back, because we have carpeting in the playroom where the toy box will sit, and we’re pretty sure that the markers would find there way to the fiber.

If you want to participate in the build this year and have your build count towards the generous donations from the Spaguonolo’s – you can find out more about it, and the plans, at the WoodWhisperer site.