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Quick Tip – When you don’t have a router plane…

So you’ve cut out a rabbet, and you want to cleanup the “bottom” …. If you used a circular marking gauge, the round cutter serves as a knife to mark the line – but it can also serve as a light blade. By resting the fence of the gauge on the reference face, you can clean up the bottom of the joint by using sliding the cutter head around holding the fence firmly on the face. You won’t use this to remove a lot of waste, rather you can remove most of the waste with a chisel and just clean up the last hairs breadth with the gauge. We used this technique in a session of making the winding sticks at my last Woodcraft class . Not everyone has the rabbet planes, or the router planes (yet!), but almost everyone is using circular marking gauges, so this helped out.

And bonus, to glue in the strips, we used epoxy mixed with black dye to obfuscate any edges that weren’t as pretty as we liked. The end results are pretty good, if I do say so myself!

IMG_0088 IMG_0091

photos courtesy of Joe Ireland

Quick tip… when you have to drill stepped holes backwards

Stepped hole

I drill out lots of these holes, and the process is simple. Start with the largest diameter bit, then when done, move to the next smaller size and drill further, using the center point remaining from the first bit.

But what happens when you need to drill the shoulder, after the smaller hole is already there? If you’ve tried it, you know that the bit will wander mercilessly when you try to start.

My solution? Use a second block of wood as a guide. Drill the larger hole through the second block all the way. Now, center the hole in the second block on the first hole in the original piece. Clamp the blocks together. Now you should be able to use the second block’s hole the capture the bit, and guide the starting cut into the original!