Summer time, summer time, …

Yep, been a long summer time already – busy with household, family and related items. Just to be fair here, I had some brain surgery (NOT WOODWORKING RELATED!!! 🙂 ) back at the end of march, and have been through some followup treatment. For those that wondered why the posting slowed down I’ve been pretty tired and for the past 8 wks have pretty much been on the side line. However that may now be in the past, and I can start to get back to work in the shop again!

And my wife is doing all the tracking/update stuff from the post surgery (I do love her 🙂 )

I have finally set up a Caring Bridge account where updates will be posted about Brian’s illness and treatment. If there is anyone you can think of to add please feel free. Thank you for all your prayers.

A CaringBridge Site was created for Brian Biggs. It’s a caring social network to help people stay connected with family and friends during a health event. Visit Brian’s site often to stay updated and share messages of encouragement and compassion in the Guestbook.

Visit online

Site Link:
Site Name: brianbiggs

Susan Biggs

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