Knockdown Nicholson Workbench – oops!

A new take of "bench on bench" design?

A new take of “bench on bench” design?

Sometimes we just bull ahead in a project build. “I don’t need to measure, I have an idea where things are”. While drilling the recess and holes for the mounting bolts in the top, I got to close to the edges. I missed the legs ok, but wasn’t far enough inside to allow for the mounting nut to be attached. So, after I got the holes placed correctly, I had to mix up some epoxy to fill the mis-located holes and that means leaving it over night. Yes, I could have left the holes as is, but who wants to do that! And since I left the epoxy clear, there will be a visual reminder that I goofed to talk about 🙂

Epoxy plugs fit snuggly in the misplaced holes.

Epoxy plugs fit snuggly in the misplaced holes.

Ok, so, I learned my lesson, right?

Turns out when drillng the holes in the apron and photo (22)face, the top most hole over the legs is right where I put the screws into the cross stretcher. *sigh* I ruined the forstener bit I was using, so I’ll switch the brace and bit to finish this up tomorrow. After the epoxy dries.

The good news is that the crochet is glued and ready to shape – and since I had the bench assembled I was able to trim the ends even all the way around.

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